About Us

Landmark 12 Consulting is a college consulting firm specializing in college admissions serving the greater Charleston, South Carolina area.  We are the only firm located in Summerville.  Our goal is to help students find colleges and career paths that are right for them.

The Landmark 12 advantage:

As experienced college planners, we provide an individualized educational roadmap to help students throughout their college journeys. We help them determine their academic interests and abilities and then assist with choosing a college major accordingly. We also guide students through the application process from start to finish and strive to give our clients a competitive edge over other college applicants.

The importance of having an expert on your side:
The pool of college applicants is at an all-time high, and the admission standards at many schools are becoming more rigorous. This can make getting accepted by a choice college more difficult than ever. The U.S. Department of Education projects enrollment numbers will increase by over 250,000 each year for the next 10 years, which creates an enormous value for matching students with the right schools. It helps to have an experienced college planner on your side.

Helping students achieve success:
High schools average more than 400 students to one academic adviser, according to the U.S. Department of Education. As college admission counselors, we help students who want or need additional counseling outside of the classroom. While we cannot guarantee acceptance, our expert guidance and one-on-one attention will give students an advantage in today’s increasingly competitive admission process.

Meet Jordan


Jordan M. Graffis
Founder & President

Jordan earned a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Marshall University. She worked in the television news industry as an anchor and reporter, earning awards for her work from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Associated Press Florida.

Jordan then pursued other professional opportunities, gaining valuable experience in public relations, marketing and the non-profit sector. She has an eye for detail, a love of research, and a strong desire to help others. But what sets her apart from other college consultants is her unique skill set.

Because of her background in communications, she knows how to capture a person’s story. She enjoys getting to know people, hearing what makes them unique, and highlighting those special characteristics. Now, as a college consultant, she uses her abilities to help students set themselves apart from other applicants during the admission process. Jordan views the college application as an opportunity to capture the stories of her clients’ lives as they prepare for the next chapter.

And that’s what Landmark 12 Consulting is all about—new chapters. It was a “landmark” decision in Jordan’s life to chase a dream and establish this company, and she takes great pride in guiding others to milestones in their own lives.